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My Weird Dream about John Green

October 3, 2010

So. There’s this guy.

His name is John Green.

He is an author of young adult fiction and a member of the Vlogbrothers, who are two brothers (John and Hank) who make highly amusing videos for the Youtubes, and I watch them.

Anyway. I’ve known about the Green Brothers since….2008…and have since then read the majority of the books written by John Green.

But other than the fact that I’ve read the books and watch the videos, I don’t think much about John Green.

At least, I didn’t think I did.

I woke up this morning and realized that I had had a very weird dream. It went something like this:

John Green and I met at one of his book signings. (Plausible.)

John Green and I emailed back and forth and became friends. (Not as plausible, but, stranger things have happened, right?)

John Green (who has a wife and child) emails me to tell me that he loves me and is getting a divorce to be with me. (Completely out of the question.)

I go along with this scenario. (Because I’m in a dream.)

John Green then informs me that he is best friends with the guy who married a girl who lived on my dorm floor during my freshman year of college, and that the two of them are living in Denver. (WHAT?!)

And then I woke up. And, despite the fact that I was EXTREMELY confused, I checked this the-girl-who-lived-on-my-dorm-floor’s Facebook, just to make sure that she wasn’t married.

Because that’s the part of the dream that is the weirdest?

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