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The Adorable Story of How I Came to Own a Loaf Pan

October 9, 2010

So, for about a year now I have wanted to buy a loaf pan.

But, being a grad student, and then being a grad student who commutes to NYC every week to intern, and then being a person living in NYC and trying to get a job, AND THEN being a person who lives in NYC and has a job but is trying to pay down the debt accrued from not having a job and living in NYC…basically means that I never have spare money. Especially not spare money for a loaf pan. 😦


I have a new roommate who moved in this week, and literally the day after she moved in, my job hired me on full-time! (I was a paid intern in an intern-to-hire position, so I knew this day was coming. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon!) So I come home, and new roommate–Florence–is unpacking stuff in her room, and I run in and announce my new fully-employed with benefits (!!!!!) status.

And the next day she came home with a loaf pan for me as a “congrats on your job” gift.

She is the best roommate…not ever, because Shannon and Nigel are tied for the best roommate ever (love y’all!), but Flo is pretty damn good.

And so today, I made zucchini bread. Look how pretty it is!

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  1. October 9, 2010 11:59 PM

    Yay for zucchini bread – yummy!! So glad to be tied as best roommate ever! Love you 🙂

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