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Crush of the Month: Sleepy Hollow

September 18, 2010

Since I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ll publicly announce that  I’m now working at a publishing house located in Tarrytown, NY. The area is gorgeous and I love my commute to/from work everyday. It has trees. And it reminds me that there are places outside of the city. I fact, I haven’t actually been to Manhattan in….awhile. (Everything I need is in Queens! And I work elsewhere, so there’s really no need to go there unless I’m meeting up with people, which I normally do on the weekends.)

Anyway. I discovered that Tarrytown is 1.7 miles away from Sleepy Hollow.

Like, THE Sleepy Hollow.
The high school around the corner from me is named Washington Irving High School and the (beautiful) building I work is the judge’s house from the story.


But there’s more! I went into the cute downtown area of Tarrytown to pick up a cake for my roommate’s birthday last week and noticed a funky little gift boutique next door to it. I had a few minutes left on my lunch break, so I went in to have a little looksy.

Turns out they sell local high school t-shirts and sweatshirts and what do I discover?

The mascot for Sleepy Hollow High is the Horsemen. I mean, how could it not be, right? (Also: I WILL be buying a sweatshirt.)

So then I decide to Google “Sleepy Hollow” and find out what else is super cool about this famously haunted town.

The answer? Basically everything. The street signs are all orange and have the horseman on them, basically everything in the town has the word “Ichabod” in it, and the community events for the month of October are out-of-this-world-awesome.

It’s my new fave. So, if anyone wants to go be a literary nerd with me during the month of October, let me know. I’ll drive up there any weekend. 🙂

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  1. January 13, 2011 5:51 AM

    Very cool 🙂 Didn’t know there was an actual sleepy hollow. 🙂

  2. October 20, 2010 7:14 AM

    Are you working at the Hudson Valley Writers' Center? I'm a college student, I interned there this summer and graduated from Sleepy Hollow High School.

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