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Call me a Libertarian

February 2, 2009

Dear Media,

I don’t understand why the world has a heart attack when celebrities, or people who are somehow connected to a celebrity, are caught smoking pot. Case and point, the Michael Phelps scandal and the Obama half-brother thing (does Obama even know his half-brother?). In the long run, does the world really need to know when these types of things are found out? I feel like it’s a waste of my time. I do not want to watch the news to be told about the newest “drug scandal” that deals with marijuana. I understand that it is “illegal” and that the world needs to know when people of merit and people who are considered role models are convicted of being involved in illegal activity but, speeding is illegal. I’m fairly certain that the media isn’t notified each and every time a celebrity is caught speeding. Then again, I’m sure that if it’s a slow day on the papparazzi front “celebrity speeding” could be considered big news. And then they would postulate that drugs were somehow involved and created the speeding. But, back to the original point. I feel that whatever activities adults knowingly take part in is their business and their business alone, as long as it is hurting no one. Please do not waste my time with more marijuana stories.


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