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Diatribe on the Wedding Industry

January 30, 2009

Dear Wedding Industry,

I’m 21 and a senior in college, which apparently means it’s time to get engaged. Although some people are ready to make that commitment at this juncture in their lives, it does not mean that everyone is. Yes, I do have a boyfriend, and yes I do love him very much, but that does not mean that we are prepared to get engaged and married now. So, please stop targeting me!!! Anytime I’m on Facebook, which now has those very annoying ads in the corner, there is ALWAYS an ad that has something to do with getting married. “Find the Perfect Ring” or “What Kind of Bride Will You Be?” or “Wedding Photographers for Cheap”….I mean, really? While I do enjoy flipping through bridal magazines with my best friend (who is engaged), and even though I have watched 27 Dresses and Bride Wars and every other movie out there about getting married (except Rachel Getting Married because no theater near me is playing it….sad), and although I must admit that I occasionally enjoy thinking about what my wedding will be like, this does not mean that need the pressure from advertisements to REALLY think about getting married. Because then I talk about getting married and my boyfriend, who feels pressured, begins freaking out, and we go into a tailspin of sorts. So, please do me a favor Wedding Industry and back off.


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