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February 9, 2009

Overall, I thought that the Grammy’s were very, very predictable. Perhaps this is because my dad works in radio and perhaps I’m just really good at picking who the Grammy Academy people will pick to be winners. Either way….I was bored.

So, here is what I would say to certain performers/groups if I had the chance….

Dear Katy Perry,
Can we please have dinner together? I think we would be BFF.

Dear Coldplay,
You are not The Beatles.

Dear MIA,
Way to be unafraid of having your baby onstage.

Dear Radiohead,
I know y’all aren’t really ‘in’ to winning stuff, but I wish you had won Best Album. I suppose when you put Allison Krauss and Robert Plant together, you just can’t win. I’m sorry.

In the way of performances, I’m actually going to admit something…..Stevie Wonder/Jonas Brothers were very entertaining. Surprisingly entertaining. This is most likely because Stevie Wonder was involved. But still! I was extraordinarily surprised at how much I enjoyed their performance.

And that’s all I got.

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