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Adventures in Fantasy Football {2}

September 11, 2013

Well folks, Week 1 of football has come and gone.

I have learned much.

But before we get into that, let’s start from where we left off last time: naming my team.

I had joked early on that if I got Andrew Luck I’d name my team Luck Be A Lady.

And now I have Andrew Luck on my team (he’s on the bench because…Aaron Rodgers. Though Luck is doing QUITE WELL, so yay him!), so even though the name is fun and kind of apropos in my particular case since I’m the only lady in the league, I felt a little lukewarm about the name.

This is probably also because I Googled “Luck Be A Lady fantasy football” and there are eleventy-billion people with the same name.

I’d rather be original.

Then my friend Scott tweeted me and suggested the team name Grand Larsony, a play on my last name. I like it MUCHO. But. It doesn’t really relate to football, unless you really want to look into it and think I mean that I’ll steal the league or something (Obvs this will happen. Ha.), but, let’s be honest, most people won’t think about my team name that much.  So I’ll need to find another use for Grand Larsony because it’s just too good not to use.

So, what I ended up with as a team name is . . . Can I Get an Amendola.

I know. I’m fired. Whatever.

So! I have a team, a team name, a ridiculous logo. I’m ready to go.

As fate would have it my first match-up was against The Boyfriend.

Who has Peyton Manning.


This is how things turned out for me.

Week 1 Final

Click to embiggen this image!


And here’s the deal: it’s not like my team sucked it up. They did respectably well. Peyton Manning just decided to be a beast.


Now it’s Week 2 and my team’s name sake has a strained groin (insert your own joke here) and the WR on my bench are not the greatest and now I have to figure out something to do about that.


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