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What’s Making Me Happy {20}

January 20, 2013

What's making me happy

Today, I’m in Aspen.

It’s 10 degrees outside right now.

It’s insanely gorgeous and charming here.

I want to move here and be a ski bunny.

That’s basically my new life goal: Talk boyfriend into buying a cabin in Colorado so that I can be a lady who brunches and skis.


But other than being in Aspen visiting a friend, there are  some other things making me happy this week.

1. Lost Girl.

This is a complete guilty pleasure of a show that Netflix recommended to me. It’s about a succubus. There’s a Hot Vest-Wearing Sheriff. (Evidence below.)

Lots of sexy going on up in there. It’s not as porny as True Blood can be, but there’s a lot of sex happening.

2. Avengers-inspired Dresses

These are awesome and needed.

3. Helloooo Young Christoph Waltz

Behold, Christoph Waltz in "Kopfstand."

He was very attractive. I mean, he still is a handsome man, but. Well. You can see.


To celebrate the 200th anniversary of my beloved Pride and Prejudice, BBC is recreating Netherfield Ball.


5. The xx

I’ve been aware of this band existence for awhile now, but I’d never really taken the time to sit and down and actively listen to them.

I have remedied that.

I am glad.

Happy Sunday everyone!

View from the top of Aspen Mountain. Be jealous.

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