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What’s Making Me Happy {16}

June 17, 2012

Hello Internet People.

It’s Father’s Day! The day we celebrate fathers! I hope you all have very exciting plans of golfing or grilling food stuffs or drinking with or at least calling the father figure in your life.

And maybe you’ll share the things that are making you happy this week with him.

Even if he doesn’t get it, I’m sure he’ll be happy it makes you happy.

Like, for example, this ridiculous rap about romantic literature. My dad would *not* get this.

And I’d probably be concerned if he did.

1. Ridiculous Raps about Romantic Literature

2. Zip Lines

There is a ZIP LINE coming to Union Square this summer! I want to be ON IT.

3. Astrophysicist talks about superhero and alien movies on NPR Morning Edition.

If you like things like science and how it’s relevant in alien and superhero movies, you should listen to this. Mostly because they talk about Mjulnir (Thor’s hammer).

4. New Milo Greene Song!

I really dig this band. A whole bunch. And their debut album comes out next month, which is really very exciting for me because that means they’re going on tour, which means that I am seeing them liiiiiiive. Yes.

But they’ve released a new songy-song, and it’s good. Make your ears happy by listening to it.

5. This photo of Gabriel Macht


Good Lord do I love Suits.

6. Pitch Perfect Trailer

My girl crush on Anna Kendrick continues.


7. The Lost Tributes of the Hunger Games

Click this. Do it. DO IT.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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