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What’s Making Me Happy {13}

May 27, 2012

Y’all, this is not a week that I would categorize as BEST WEEK EVER, OMG.

It’s just not.

I’m having weird narcoleptic sleeping issues (not in that I fall asleep all the time, but at night, the second I feel tired I fall asleep and when I wake up the next morning I don’t remember falling asleep. Often it’s with the TV and light on and I typically have tons of tweets/texts/calls on my phone. That I slept through. This can’t be normal and it’s freaking me out.), and I owe my grandparents an embarrassing amount of money and I just realized I owe it, and work is a little bonkers, and I have no idea when I’m gong to get back to Arkansas to see my family, and I’m not gonna be able to go see Boyfriend in Singapore until NEXT JANUARY (That part is ok. That trip is gonna kick ass.), and . . . yeah. Crazy week.

But! Thinking back on this week, there seem to be a lot of things that did, in fact, make me happy. Maybe not overjoyed and bouncing like Tigger happy, but happy nonetheless. Particularly #6.

So check out the things making me happy this week!

1. Battlestar Galactica

Ok, so I realize that this is nerd sacriledge, but it has taken me TWO YEARS to get through BSG Season 1.

There are many things wrong with me.

I always really like the idea of BSG and I would watch an episode or two and would be BORED OUT OF MY MIND. But then last week I buckled down and was like, “Self. There are very attractive men on this show, and anytime someone talks about it you think it sounds great, SO WATCH IT.” And I watched the last four episodes of season one and OMG YES.

2. Oh, Shakespeare.

I am a petite lady. I like this.


I don’t love reality shows. But I love this one. And don’t even get me started on how ridiculously upset I am that it’s on at the same time as Breaking Pointe. Praise baby Jesus that DVR is a thing and that I can afford it. (God, as I wrote that I immediately thought about how spoiled and American I am. And now I want to donate money to something that will do actual good and not “good” that makes people feel better. Feel free to suggest in comments.)

4. Thor 2

So, I am about six months behind on this information, but I just found out that Alan Taylor, who directs Game of Thrones, will direct Thor 2. This bodes VERY well for me.

5. Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby Trailer

So, ok. I like The Great Gatsby. I cherish it as an American classic. Fitzgerald = good at the writing. But I’m not obsessed with it the way that most people apparently are.


I LOVE Baz Luhrmann. I like his style. I like what he does on film with color saturation and jarring musical juxtapositions and camera angles. I dig him. And the trailer for his version of The Great Gatsby basically looks like Romeo + Juliet smashed together with Moulin Rouge and I am EXCITED. Also, I adore Carrie Mulligan and LOVE the idea of using Kanye’s “Watch the Throne” (That song is SO Jay Gatsby. BTW, not sold on Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby. It had to be said.) and the Jack White cover of U2’s “Love is Blindness.” So yay.

6. Kimbra’s “Good Intentions”

If this doesn’t make you happy, we’re not friends.

7. The UK Throne of Glass cover


Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. May 31, 2012 1:49 AM

    That cover is pretty awesome!

    I had the SAME problem with BSG – I started watching it on Netflix and only got thru the 1st 2 episodes, finding myself bored (I LOVED Caprica though!). Maybe, eventually, I’ll give it another shot… I like the idea of it, but just found myself kinda bored =/

    Does anyone else think Adrian Grenier should have been cast in Great Gatsby? I think that would have been awesome since on Entourage, his character Vince played the lead in Gatsby on the show, lol….

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