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Help Me Choose New Glasses!

May 24, 2012

It is that time of life again.

The time where you realize your current glasses are outdated and stupid and that it’s high time for new ones.

Admittedly, it’s sort of a vain time. But so it goes.

So, in my search for new glasses, I found out about the website Warby Parker, which a) has $100 glasses, b) gives a pair away for each pair you purchase (like Toms!), and c) lets you try on five pairs at home for free monies.

So I found five pairs I liked, ordered them, immediately hated two pairs and now have three pairs left. Boyfriend, Mother, and Sister all have differing opinions on which they like most on my face. I like all of them. So now, internets, I am asking for your opinion.

I know you like it when I ask for you opinion.

So! Check out the photos of me wearing each pair below (1. my ears are very crooked so that’s why all the glasses are crooked, 2. I’m an idiot and couldn’t figure out how to make the glare go away. Hopefully you won’t judge me too harshly for that.) and then vote for your favorite!

Vote away my pretties! *muah*

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