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February 29, 2012

This blog has taken quite the journey with me over the years.

I started it back in January 2009, when I was assigned to blog for a journalism class my senior year in college. Back then it was purely my academic blog—how was I expected to have time to blog when I was writing a thesis and living up my last months of being a college senior? And even though I paid this blog only the minimum amount of attention I needed to give it in order to get my A in the class, there was something about blogging that stuck with me.

So when I moved to Syracuse, NY, for graduate school—also in journalism—I realized the value of blogging. It’s fast, easy, conversational, and much more experimental that print media. You can add photos and video and audio and add a lot of personality. You can publish whatever you want, be it a impassioned treatise defending the vampire genre or a comparison between SEC and Big East dance teams or a clever screen cap of an animal. There are no rules to blogging, and I learned to love that freedom as I was also begrudgingly learning to love the (many) rules and styles and expectations of journalistic writing.

I started blogging a lot.

Then after I had my master’s degree in hand, I headed down to New York City to see what was what down there. And then this blog sort of fell to the wayside. I started other, more niche blogs that explored one topic rather than whichever aspect of my life I felt like typing up and publishing on here. A couple of them got quite the following. But eventually I realized that what I was doing was fragmenting my interests and my curiosities and, in a way, my person, into different categories, instead of just letting them all be a part of me. I learned to become a different person for the audience I was trying to identify with and reach, instead of just being 100% me, 100% of the time.

So now that I think I’ve figured out, at least a little bit, who I am and what I like, this blog is going through yet another transition. I warn you, it’s going to be a little bit all over the place. Movie clips, songs, ramblings about books and TV shows, recipes, things that peak my interest, pretty photos, funny photos, perhaps a “come with me as I try to learn about typography and letterpressing and how to make infographics (Is it better to use Photoshop or In Design?),” and a “here is what happened as I tried to can” that will eventually come to pass this summer. (I’m going to do it, y’all. Really. I found a website with fun, customizable labels and everything!)  But mostly this blog is going to reflect me, exactly as I am.

Well, at least for now.

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