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In Which I Explain My Blog Negligence

December 21, 2011

So, back in September I started dating this guy.

This guy is great.

Things were going well. I was constantly shocked he kept calling me since I’m such a spaz and he’s, well, not. But he did keep calling. This was a good sign.

Fast-forward to the week of Thanksgiving. He came over to my apartment and we were watching Castle (because Nathan Fillion is The Best.) and then said, “I have some news that’s going to upset you.” He then proceeded to tell me that he’d be moving to Singapore for a (kick-ass) new job. He’d be there for a year. He’d leave in January.

Now, sometimes I have this curious problem of overreacting. And y’all. I seriously overreacted. I turned into Bella Swan for about a week and a half. That lead to a lot of wallowing and not a lot of reading.*

Then after Thanksgiving, Boyfriend and I sat down and talked about everything and reached an agreement on how to proceed. (We are going to proceed, for those of you who were wondering.) But because he’s leaving January 7th and I basically won’t see him (with the exception of maybe two weeks when I take my vacation to go visit him.) for a year, I’ve been spending as much time as possible with him. Which means that I’ve been doing not a lot of reading and a lot of spending-time-with-Boyfriend.

But fear not! I love this here bloggy blog something fierce and I WILL return to it in 2012 when I will have beaucoups of time to read and blog and not be sad at all.

So! That’s my story. Judge me as you see fit. Leave your judgment in comments if you so choose. And, above all, have a wonderful, fabulous, joyous, relaxing, delicious, merry, and bright holiday season!

*For the probably two of you who are curious about the status of my work-in-progress, it’s still around. It’s also be neglected due to my emotional derailment/realignment. But I’ll start working on it again soon. Thank you for your concern. 🙂

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