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Must Watch List: ‘Young Adult’

August 17, 2011

I try really hard to be an equal-opportunity pop culture connoisseur. I’m not the kind of lady who says “Wait, Jon Favreau directed it? Well, then I’m not seeing it.” or “Jane Espenson wrote that episode? Then obviously it’ll be great!” [Although, for the record, it probably will be.] However, as evidenced by that little caveat you just saw, I do have some favorites.

And it just so happens that a whole slew of my favorites have gotten together to create a movie about something that I like a lot: young adult fiction—I like it so much that I have a blog devoted to writing about and reviewing YA novels. Apparently the lovely, hilarious Miss Diablo Cody (who wrote Juno, Jennifer’s Body , and The United States of Tara) has written a screenplay about a young adult author, played by Charlize Theron, who returns to her hometown in pursuit of her now-married high school sweetheart. I’m sure hijinks ensue. And though those two things are enough to make me go see that movie on opening night, there are a couple other people involved with this project that made me squeal in delight.
 1. Jason Reitman is directing. Oh-everything-that-is-good-and-holy do I love Jason Reitman films. If you’ve never seen Thank You for Smoking, Juno (the film that won Cody an Oscar for Best Screenplay), or Up in the Air, you best get on Netflix REAL FAST and watch them. You will thank me. (I like Amazon gift cards, thanks.)

2. Patton Oswalt is in it. No, he’s not the star (those people are Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson), but the sheer fact that he’s IN the movie, makes an already awesome project even awesomer. If you’re unfamiliar with Oswalt, look up his stand-up comedy albums. They’re incredible.

3. Did I mention Diablo Cody wrote it? Y’all, this woman is an incredible writer. I know she’s not for everyone, what with her highly stylized dialogue that is by no means rooted in reality, but she is smart and quippy and funny and knows her way around a story. Bonus: She loves Friday Night Lights so much that she interviewed Kyle Chandler on her web-show Red Band Trailer. I dig her a whole bunch.

I am STOKED for this film. However, I’m a little concerned because supposedly this film’s dialogue is “completely different than any of her past work.” But I will put my trust in her and in Reitman and in Oswalt because thus far, they have done no wrong in my mind. Let’s hope Young Adult doesn’t change that.

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