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Crush of the Day: Eric & Tami Taylor

July 10, 2010
Eric & Tami Taylor, the fictional couple from Friday Night Lights is by far my favorite television couple….perhaps ever. And are collectively my crush of the day. 

What makes them so crush-worthy you ask? Aside from the fact that they’re a gorgeous couple, they’re just so damn believable! 

They flirt, bicker, make-out in the kitchen, joke, support each other, sacrifice for each other, and completely adore one another. Even when Eric is occasionally relegated to the couch during a little tiff. 

The characters are so well-written and Connie Britton (Tami) and Kyle Chandler (Eric) truly seem like a real couple with undeniable chemistry and absolute devotion. AND they finally both received Emmy nods for Best Leading Actor and Actress in a Drama. 

Let’s just hope they both win. And I’m lucky enough to find a husband as great as Eric. Because I’m obviously as great as Tami….(ha!)

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