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Grammy’s Change Rules Because of Lady Gaga!

July 7, 2010

Remember the ridiculous, arcane rule that the Grammy’s had last year that stated something along the lines of “If you had a single that was nominated in a category the year before, the artist cannot be a nominee in the Best New Artist category the following year?”

Well, I do. Because it was the reason my beloved Gaga wasn’t nominated for Best New Artistic in this year’s Grammys. And because of that Zac Brown Band won.

However, it looks like the people in charge of the Grammys have realized the error of their ways, and according to this ArtsBeat article, have changed the rule for future artists. Which is nice of them, no?

Now we just need the Academy Awards to change their rules stating that people who collaborate on a film score can’t be nominated. Karen O totally should have been a nominee for her Where the Wild Things Are score.

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