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Confession Time!

June 23, 2009

Dear Readership (if one exists…),

I feel that you guys don’t really know much about me….although I’ve revealed some stuff in earlier posts about my thoughts on various topics, you still don’t truly know me. So we’ll start here. I’m a huge nerd. This is something that I’ve decided to recently embrace, instead of only allowing those close to me to know about this nerdiness. So, let me explain in semi-chronological order the road to my embracing the inner Bethie nerd.
1. Harry Potter
I think my inner nerd seed was planted when I started reading this series. I began reading HP when I was about 12 or 13 and I became obsessed. I had to have the next book and then when I ran out of books, which was quickly because I think there were only 2 available at that time, I was miserable until the next one was released. At this point, HP wasn’t exactly the phenomenon that it is today, so I didn’t know many people who knew about it….which meant that I annoyed the hell out of my family by talking to them endlessly about it…and then read and re-read and re-read them.
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Beginning in 9th grade, I began watching syndicated Buffy on the WB every afternoon after school. Quickly, I became quite attached to the dialogue, characters, and story line of this show that I still consider one of my favorites. I now own all 7 seasons of Buffy, have watched them through many times, and can quote not just certain lines, but the names and episode numbers of specific shows. I also frequently use Buffy as a point of reference in daily conversation. I made my boyfriend buy something at Best Buy so I could get the “free” copy of a panel reunion interview of the cast and crew. And when it was revealed to the public that Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant, I twittered that “Sarah Michelle Gellar + pregnant = Buffy baby!”…..I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate that. But, I dearly love Buffy and often wonder what the show would be like today if it were still on TV. Or what the comic book version would be like on TV. Or what it would be like if they made a movie. (BTW: I’ll probably write about the upcoming Buffy movie that isn’t connected to the show….grrrr). Suffice it to say that I really, truly love Buffy. I am a fervent and devoted fan.
3. Incubus
I love this band. I love, love, lovey, love them. I bought their newest album months in advance so I could buy advance concert tickets so I could be closer to the stage and therefore closer to what I consider to be brilliant musicians. Which sounds kind of fanatical. Possibly because it is fanatical. But…that’s the simple truth. I love this band. Always have, always will. I don’t care how “terrible” an album is, I’ll just say that it was experimental or that they were going through a growth period as musicians….which I will actually believe. Although I don’t love all of their albums equally, I don’t dislike any of them. I will defend them until I am blue in the face and will judge you if you don’t like them or admit that they are at least good musicians. That’s all.
4. Twilight
Since I’m already a Buffy nerd, this one just kind of makes sense. But, I will not lie, I fought it.
I was first exposed to Twilight in July 2007 while working at a summer camp for gifted students. The girls in my family group were all obsessed and when they visited my room for a late night, post-bedtime, manicure session, they discovered my seasons of Buffy, and then spent the next hour trying to convince me to read Twilight. I refused, telling them that I had school stuff to read (which was true) but the real reason was that I thought “They’re 12 and I’m 20. There’s no way I’ll like what they’re reading.” Well, in December 2007, I was really bored while on holiday break, and a friend of mine said “I’ve got a book I think you’ll enjoy that I’ll let you borrow” and lo and behold it was Twilight. Because I was bored, I figured why not, and the rest, as they say, is history. It became a full-blown obsession. I read the first three books in about 50 hours…and then joined various discussion boards online. And then I introduced the books to my sorority sisters. They love/hate me for it.
5. Heroes
OH. MY. GOD. THIS. SHOW. The way I became acquainted with this show can only be explained as fate. I had nothing to do at work one morning, so I decided that I would watch some TV online…but I was caught up on all the shows I typically watched and wasn’t sure what to do…so I went to a website I frequent and looked at the most viewed list. On that list was Heroes. I had heard about it before, the whole “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” business, but had never had much of an interest. I knew Milo Ventimiglia was in the cast, and loved him on Gilmore Girls, so I figured why not. I decided to give it a shot and became crazy addicted. It has lead to my borderline worrisome crush on Zachary Quinto….this is another topic for another time.
There are several other things I could point to, like my love for Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars or my obsession with dogshows, Domo, Brotherhood 2.0, and gnomes. And although many would say that these things don’t make me nerdy as they are well-known, critically acclaimed, or at least best-sellers, I would say that it isn’t necessarily the subject that makes me nerdy: it’s how attached I become to the subject. I google for the most recent information on the cast, want to know the impetus for the show or book or whatever, consider buying merchandise (which I normally don’t buy, but may begin to since I’m finally embracing the inner nerd), internet stalk for random information, join discussion boards, and think about it when I should be concentrating on other things. These are things that I would normally not let people know, because I never wanted to be thought of as a crazy fanatic or “the obsessed girl”…but now I’m starting not to care. So, here comes Nerd Bethany! WATCH YO’ BACK!
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