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How Lovely It Is

June 20, 2009

Dear Community,

In this time of economic recession, it seems that most stories are about how people, banks, companies, newspapers, and corporations are losing money and going out of business. But,  something that has struck me is how much support there seems to be for charitable work. Several companies have begun to run commercials that, instead of featuring their new, snazzy product, feature a charity or organization that is doing things for the community and the world.

The True North Nut commercials, highlight different interesting and original ideas, such as Chicago’s Inspiration Cafe, which feeds the homeless with dignity, the woman whose goal it is to plant trees so as to bring natural beauty to The Bronx, and the man who challenges elementary school children to collect pennies to raise money that helps those in need within the community. True North sells nuts! You would never know that from their ads. 

 Then there is the AT&T/Toms commercial which features Toms Shoes. This organization sells fashionable and comfortable shoes, and for each pair bought, a pair is given to a child in need. But is reaches far beyond commercials. (
On a website I browse frequently,, I found a story about a person in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who was going to be handing out free sunflowers for people to plant arond their neighborhood just because they wanted people to have the opportunity to plant and cultivate something beautiful that others can appreciate. 
Another fantastic organziation, Puppies for Prisoners, allows federal inmates to train and care for a puppy that will become a service dog. This organization was featured on as well as It is simple ideas such as these that inspire people and make the world a much better and beautiful place.
The fact that these endeavors are flourishing in a time of economic crisis is absolutely fantastic, but more than that, it speaks of the benevolence and self-lessness of this country. People who are having to cut back in their own lives, who may not be able to eat out as often, or buy that new dress, are willing to sacrifice even more so as to make a contribution to a charity. To look around and see that these organizations and endeavors are still up and running during this time gives me hope in the nation and proves that people do care.


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