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Adventures in Wedding Planning {3}

October 16, 2015

Adventures in Wedding Planning

I had a wedding nightmare last night.

Actually, I had a series of them.

Which really baffled me because, uh, I haven’t been doing too much planning lately and I definitely don’t feel stressed about it.

I’ve done all the big stuff: set a date, booked a venue, (custom!)ordered a dress*, hired a planner (since I live half a world away, this seemed like a prudent decision), engaged a photographer, got my bridesmaids in place, booked the band, started setting up a wedding website.

Since all of that is out of the way, we’ve been going through the finer details with our planner, slowly deciding on color themes (black, white, and goooold! But not Gatsby black, white, and gold. Like, a relaxed black, white, and gold.), vendors, and hotels. Actually, the hotels has been the most frustrating part thus far! Because we’re getting married during a holiday weekend that is also probably going to be the first home game for the Razorbacks, but no one knows for sure because the schedule hasn’t been officially announced yet, hotels are not too keen on reserving room blocks. This is super annoying. But it isn’t frustrating to the point of causing absurd amounts of stress.

But even so, here I am, having series of wedding nightmares.

The first was this: I was getting ready the day of the wedding, having a grand time. I unzipped the garment bag, and—record screech—it’s the wrong dress.

This one I can sort of explain. My dress should be arriving at the boutique I bought it from within the next month or so, and I won’t be in the U.S. to pick it up and make sure that everything is as it should be with the dress. Someone else will have to do that—and send tons of photos of the dress my way—for me.

So, okay. Anxiety about that is understandable.

In any case, I woke up and was like, “What a dumb dream” and went back to sleep.

Then I dreamt that a) Chris’s brother, who is the best man, refused to come to the wedding, b) the wedding planner didn’t show up and the venue wasn’t decorated, c) we didn’t have rings or a marriage certificate, and d) I openly sobbed through the entire reception.

Cheerful, right?

I’m sure this is totally normal. A wedding is a huge, eventful, sentimental day in a person’s life and one that takes a ton of work and planning. Of course it’s hanging around in your sub-conscious. Of course it’s something you worry about.

But even so, I’d prefer to not have nightmares about my wedding.

Then again, I’m the person who still has the nightmare about realizing the week of finals that you signed up for a college class you completely forgot about. So. There’s that.

*Here’s the (custom!) ordered dress story. I was trying on dresses and deciding between two from the same designer. I loved the bottom of one and the top of the other. So the consultant I was working with says, “Let me call the designer and see if we can work something out.” And I was like, “You can do that?!” and she was like, “Yep!” So she calls and asks if the designer can basically mash-up two dresses and they were all, “Yeah,” and so I was all, “Cool.” Voilà. Custom dress.

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