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Communicating with Animals: A (Very) Short Screenplay

June 16, 2015

INT. DAY – HE and SHE are sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. DOG is stalking around the table, waiting for someone to drop a bit of food for him to scavenge, and avoiding HE, but giving him sideways glances.

HE, to DOG
“I’m sorry for being a jerk to you last night, but you should also be sorry for being a jerk to me last night.”

Flashback to DOG jumping and hitting HE in the man parts. Back in the present, DOG turns and walks away

“He doesn’t care. He didn’t give any response.”

“He’s thinking about his response very diplomatically.”

HE gives SHE a “yeah right” look

“You don’t know anything about dog diplomacy.”


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