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2015, You Are Mine.

January 1, 2015

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions.

I always felt it a little strange to set some sort of overarching goal or intention for an entire year. I have no idea what’s going to happen. As long as I’m growing and trying to be the best person I can be, shouldn’t that be enough?

And though I still don’t really buy into the whole New Year, New You business, I sort of let 2014 happen to me.

I want to tell 2015 what I want. I want to make it my year.

So I’m going to voice some of the things I’d like to achieve this year. Most of them are small lifestyle changes, and one is a thing that I have very little control over, but can at least try really hard to make happen. So, here’s hoping that telling the Internet about them will somehow make them more real and/or come true.

Because we all know that the Internet is basically a fairy godmother. And, you know, there’s a slim chance Taylor Swift will see this and end up sending me a present or inviting me to her house or something.

1. Land a literary agent.

2. Do more yoga more regularly.

3. Drink more water.

4. Answer emails from friends and family faster.

5. Focus on joy and positivity.

6. Tone the arms and thighs.

7. Cook more.

8. Read a larger variety of books.

9. Finish writing the manuscript that makes me nervous.

10. Begin writing the book that terrifies me.

I already know 2015 is going to have some great things in store: Boyfriend and I are moving into our first very fancy, very adult apartment in just a few days, I have plans for more books this year, and will be in the States seeing family and skiing and eating all of the chimichangas and pizza that I can fit in my mouth in just a few weeks!

So, here’s to 2015—the year that I want to shape and mold and make mine.

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