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So. I Wrote A Book.

May 6, 2014


I have a story to tell you.

It’s about writing a book.

(I know, a story about writing a book, WTF. Bear with me.)

Back in 2011, I started writing a story that wouldn’t get out of my head. It was about two teenagers who meet in an airport. That has to happen all the time, right? So, what would happen if these two teenagers meet and then, you know, become friends? And then, maybe, possibly, more than friends?

I couldn’t get those questions out of my head. So I wrote and wrote and wrote, and revised and revised and revised, and sent my manuscript out to literary agents.

I got some really great feedback, but the resounding answer from the agents I submitted to was that they didn’t think they could sell my book to a publishing house and therefore would not be representing me and my writing at this time.

I totally get that. They have to make money. It’s business.

But it still sucked.

So I sat around and moped for a bit, and then a friend of mine said, “You could always self-publish.”

Now, self-publishing is a really cool model, but it’s sort of the Wild West in a lot of ways. There are no rules. There are no formulas. Anyone can do it. But it’s hard to do it well.

That made me nervous.

But after some thinking and some more rejection from agents, I thought, “You know. Maybe self-publishing is the way to go. What do I have to lose?”

So I hired an editor (the brilliant Tara Quigley) and a cover designer (the fantastic Paige Doscher) and that brings us to today.

The day my book, Taking Flight, written under the pseudonym Erin Brown, is on sale.

Taking Flight_final cover

 If you feel so inclined, you can buy the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

So that’s my story.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Sarah C permalink
    May 6, 2014 9:52 AM

    Just bought it on Amazon! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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