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What’s Making Me Happy {30}

February 25, 2014

What's making me happy

So, this is a very belated What’s Making Me Happy because, well, I’ve been busy.

That’s a lame-ass excuse, but it’s the truth. The last couple Sundays I’ve gone skiing in preparation for a trip this weekend to Vermont, where I will be skiing.

I needed to practice before the Vermont trip, you see.

So because of that, this is late. And is a two week compendium of things that are making me happy!

I’ll get better at blogging someday. I think.

1. Buffy + Vampire Academy

2. Figure Skating + The Internet

3. Veronica + Logan + Entertainment Weekly

So much happy dancing.

4. Anna Kendrick + Jared Leto + Kelly Clarkson


Karen Gillan as Nebula! *muffled screaming*

So there it is! The things that make me happy.

Also, skiing makes you sore. But also happy despite the soreness.

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