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What’s Making Me Happy {25}

September 7, 2013

What's making me happy


There is going to be a show on USA about mothereffing CHOIRS. I am ABSURDLY EXCITED about it. It’s fittingly called It Takes A Choir. Also, the host guy who is putting the choir together is British and looks a bit like Brad Goreski.

Now if we could just get a solid date on when The Sing-Off is coming back everything would be perfect.

2. Julep’s Bare Face

In this month’s Julep Maven box, I received a skincare product called Bare Face. It’s an oil that you put on a dry face and it cleans off your make-up.

Now, I don’t wear a ton of make-up, so I’ve never had an issue getting it off. But what I’m so impressed with is how effing soft my skin is after using it. SO SOFT.

3. Hawkeye

After having owned it for, like, six months, I finally read the first trade of Marvel’s Hawkeye. I’m very pleased with it.

The point of it is that this comic follows Clint Barton when he’s not doing fancy things for the Avengers. So, it’s a lot of him saving dogs and hanging out with Kate  Bishop and falling out of windows. It’s pretty great.

4. The Fox by Ylvis

Watch this. The whole thing. You’re welcome.

5. When Geeks Wed

This website has probably been around for awhile, but I’ve just discovered it and it’s my happy place.

Speaking of weddings, that’s what I’m doing this weekend! Well, that and spending my two year anniversary with The Boyfriend in the car, driving back to New York from Baltimore.


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