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I Went to a Mumford & Sons Concert. I Bought a T-Shirt.

August 30, 2013

Mumford Concert

I saw Mumford & Sons on Wednesday.

Yes, it was awesome.

Yes, they sounded great.

Mumford Concert 2

Yes, Marcus Mumford is perfect. He played the drums as he sang! (Like Hanson, but better!*) And he screwed up the lyrics once and said fuck a lot and he is just All of the Things.


Yes,  I was kind of far from the stage and all of the photos are sort of vague (they’re all taken by The Boyfriend because his are WAY better than mine. Seriously, I’m the world’s worst photographer. All my photos are crooked and blurry.) but it was general admission seating and I couldn’t get out of work early, so that is where we ended up. I wasn’t unhappy about it.

Yes, we did get a very nice video of them singing Little Lion Man.

Yes, even the tickets to the event looked cool.


I actually took this picture! Instagram is magic.

Yes, I did buy the $35 T-shirt that matches the really awesome tickets. I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive concert shirt I’ve ever bought.

Selfie! This sucker was hard to take. I spent a good 8 minutes trying to get the lighting and angle right so that you couldn’t see my sort-of-messy bedroom. APPRECIATE IT and its visible pixels.

Yes, it was a nearly perfect night. The only thing that would have made it better is if the asshole college guys next to me would have stopped yelling lyrics at the top of their lungs.

….I think admitting that officially makes me And Old.

*I’m not hating on Hanson. I like Hanson. I have them on my Feel Good Jams Spotify playlist. But. I’m not wrong in saying that Marcus Mumford > Zac Hanson.

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