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What’s Making Me Happy {24}

March 31, 2013
What's making me happy

What’s Making Me Happy is a weekly meme in which I share with you the things that made me happy during the week. This idea was taken from the very happy-making podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour, which you should listen to.

1. My Birthday.

It was actually a pretty good day this year, despite my mopeyness.

My friend Kelly got me this!!

And my manfriend Chris got me a gift certificate to Sur La Table so I can take a soufflé-making class! (I’ll bring my own milk and eggs.)

And I went and had barbecue with some friends at this place, and there was live-band karaoke, which is something I’d never heard of. Turns out that when you live in New York, where many people of singing talents live, live-band karaoke is more like a concert. Everyone was shockingly good at karaoke, which sort of defeats the purpose of karaoke in my mind.


2. Doctor Who

I wasn’t super enthused by last night’s episode, but I REALLY loved this part of it.

Yay books! Yay Amy! Yayayayay!

3. Game of Thrones

It’s back on TV tonight. You guys. This season might kill me.

4. Doctor Who + Game of Thrones (Sort Of.)

Did y’all realize that Richard Madden (Robb Stark) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Osgood) are dating? Because they are. And it’s perfect. (As is her belt with the chain that is pocket-watch-esque.)

My deeming them perfect probably means that they’ll break up tomorrow.

Le sigh.

5. What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?

This website is basically my new best friend.

Happy Easter everyone!

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