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What’s Making Me Happy {22}

March 17, 2013

What's making me happy

This week was essentially an exercise in fangirling.

1. School of Thrones

In love with this. (Bonus! The girl who plays Sansa is from the same hometown as me! No, I don’t think we know each other. Maybe my brain is trying to make me think that I remember her, but I don’t think I actually do remember her. Regardless, woo awesome Arkansans!)

2. Dylan O’Brien on New Girl!

So, Dylan O’Brien is on Teen Wolf, which I watch with unabashed love and devotion—don’t knock it ’til you try it, is all I’m saying—and I adore him. He is great at physical comedy and has a Jim Carrey meets Adam Brody thing about him. Which means that he’s kind of my perfect man. But I think he’s quite a bit younger than me and now I feel like a creep.

ANYWAY. He’s going to be in an upcoming episode of New Girl, which he plays the guy that Zooey Deschanel’s character lost her virginity to.

Yeah. I know.


Logan & Veronica 4Eva!

So this is pretty much old news by now since this Kickstarter took the Interwebs by storm, but OMG YOU GUYS VERONICA MARS MOVIE AHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEES.

The great thing about it is that even though they’ve already raised the amount of money they were originally asking for (um, $2 million. Who says that fans won’t pay for the entertainment they want?), but they have EXCEEDED that amount. Which is just bonkers. And great and awesome. And there is still time for you to donate, if your soul feels that it should. (It should.)

4. Jon & Dany’s Engagement Photos

Whoever the photo and layout editor is at EW who created the idea for these images KNOWS what we want. And probably deserves a raise.

And those are the very nerdy, awesome things making my heart happy this week.

Happy Sunday (and St. Patrick’s Day) everyone!

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