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What’s Making Me Happy {21}

January 27, 2013

What's making me happyWell, third week in January, you were kind of a bitch.

But you were also not so bad.

Maybe I’m just actually becoming a New Yorker and my propensity for bitchiness has grown immeasurably.

I apologize for that last sentence.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

In his interview with Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan about his role as Allen Ginsberg in the upcoming film Kill Your Darlings.

“What kind of direction did you get from John for the sex scene?
My favorite John Krokidas direction moment was when we started kissing. I guess I was way too hesitant about it in the moment, and John just went, “No! Kiss him! Fucking sex kissing!” That was my favorite direction moment, probably in my career. [Laughs.] Especially with the world that I’ve come from! The things that directors have shouted to me in the past usually involve which way I have to look to see the dragon.”

That is the greatest paragraph ever. EVER.

2. What to REALLY Expect When You’re Expecting

So, lately, it seems like there are babies everywhere. They cover my Facebook newsfeed. They are in abundance when I go out of doors even though it is EFFING COLD. And I’ve always been very . . . weird about pregnancy. Okay, I think it’s gross. There I said it. It’s weird and gross and it turns you into a decaffeinated, sober, non-sushi eating incubator for nine months.

But! Lately there have been a couple articles I’ve seen about ladies talking very very very honestly about pregnancy and newborns and it makes me happy that other people—WHO HAVE HAD BABIES—feel the way I do about it.

3. Goths in the Snow


Seriously. THIS.

4. Zero Hour Trailer

This will either be awesome or truly awful. Either way, CAPPIE!

5. Jensen Ackles in Chain Mail

If you don’t watch Supernatural, you should. Most of it is on Netflix. Also, you should DEFINITELY  find this week’s episode and watch it because 1) Felicia Day is in it, 2) It’s about LARPing, 3) Jensen Ackles wears chain mail.

You’re welcome.

6. Young Avengers

Volume 2, Issue 1 of this comic came out this week, and it is really really really really good.

You should totally pick it up. ESPECIALLY if you’ve been thinking about getting into comics, but weren’t sure what to start with. This is a relaunch of the comic and the very first issue, so you won’t feel so out of the loop. Promise.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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