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What’s Making Me Happy {18}

January 6, 2013

What's making me happy

Happy Getting Through the First Week of 2013!

It’s so weird—2013. Right?

I don’t know why, but for some reason just saying 2013 and realizing that’s the current year is really strange to me.

Though this first week of 2013 brought my return to work after a couple weeks of wonderful time with my family, there were a lot of things to like this week.

1. How to Treat Women Cosplayers Video

I discovered this video through Jezebel, and it is the best. Though I’ve never cosplayed before, I’ve been to NYCC and been around lots of cosplayers. The ladies definitely get A LOT of attention, some of it better than others. For those in the”others” category these lovely Aussie ladies made a handy-dandy Guide to Not Being a Convention Creeper that is adorable and accented and funny. If you know people going to a con this year, send this on over to them.

2. Emma Watson

Emma tweeted “O damn they figured out I work for MI6!”

I adore her. And her make-up on that cover is amazeballs.

3. Cheetos

Mmmm. Cheetos.

Y’all. Cheetos. I have rediscovered my love of them. And it is passionate.

4. Sunday Morning


Jealous? 😉

So those are the things making me happy this week! I hope you have enjoyed your first week of 2013 as well, and have an exciting (or not! Depending on your preference…) second week planned! If you’d like to share the thing(s) making you happy this week, please do feel free to in comments.

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