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What’s Making Me Happy {10}

May 6, 2012


This past week has been a tumultuous one. It’s mostly been exciting, but then there was the whole leaving my job thing. That was tough, actually. I’m leaving on good terms with everyone, which is great, but even though I’m glad to be starting something new, I’m still sad to be leaving my first real job out of school.

But I suppose I should stop being so sentimental about it.

Other than that, this week has been really, really wonderful. I woke up yesterday and thought, “I am ridiculously happy with every aspect of my life right now.” Which of course threw me into a weird panic attack of “What if I’m delusional and forgetting about something, like maybe I’ve missed loan payments for the past three months without realizing it?!”

Because I’m nuts.

So I’ve been trying to just sit back and really relax into the idea that for right now, life is really great. And doing my best not to anticipate what might make it less great.

So in an effort NOT to be crazy and anticipatory, let’s recount the things I’ve loved about this week, shall we?

1. New roommate!

After interviewing nine people last weekend, and having a bit of difficulty figuring out who we wanted to live with most, Guy and I made a decision! The third roomie is another guy. He is a beer brewer, works for Apple, and in school to be a librarian. He also plays stand-up bass. Basically, he’s going to be awesome.

So our apartment is going to be me, a writer and editor; Guy, my Boyfriend’s best friend and an English teacher; and Ryan, the beer-brewing librarian. We are accepting all reality show offers.

2. Office!

I want it to look like this. I know I will be disappointed.

I found out this week that at my new job I will have an OFFICE and not a cubicle! *office dance*

3. All the Joss Whedon Love

By Cliff Chiang.

Because I’m such a Joss Whedon person, I have been LOVING all of the Whedon interviews and hype that both Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers have garnered. It makes my heart happy to see a guy whose career I’ve followed and admired for a long time get the praise and attention he so, so deserves.

I particularly enjoyed this GQ article and this Forbes (of all places) article.

4. Throne of Glass

I was fortunate enough to receive Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas from Netgalley. And y’all. It is FREAKING GREAT. I’m so excited for everyone to read it in August. I am seriously crushing on this book and want to put my review up, like, YESTERDAY, but will wait until closer to the release. However, you should absolutely pre-order it. I know I already did.

5. First Position 

We’ve previously established how much I adore all things dance, particularly if it is ballet. Yesterday I went to go see the documentary First Position, which follows several dancers ranging from ages 11 to 18, who are competing in Youth America Grand Prix, a giant dance competition that awards scholarships and company contracts to the most promising dancers. And y’all. If there is a theater near you that is showing First Position, GO SEE IT IMMEDIATLEY.

So those are the things making me happy this week! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week as well and that you’re having a restful Sunday!

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