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What’s Making Me Happy {9}

April 29, 2012

This has been a bizarrely great week.

To the point that it’s making me think something terrible is coming my way to balance out all of the goodness.

Let’s hope not.

But this is a shockingly busy weekend for me. My new roommate, Guy, who is one of Boyfriend’s best friends, and I are interviewing NINE people to be our third roomie. NINE PEOPLE.

Hopefully at least one of them is awesome and great and amazing and shiny and clean and perfect. That way will we not need to have a repeat week of posting on Craigslist/answering emails/schedulng times/cleaning the apartment.

Because, as fun as that all sort of is, it’s also really time consuming and really draining.

But on to the happy things!

1. New yoga studio!

© YoYoga NYC

This is probably très silly, but one of my biggest concerns about moving jobs is that I’ll need to find a new yoga studio. This makes me really nervous because 1) some of them are really expensive, 2) some of them are really intense, and 3) some of them are really uptight and full of people clad only in LuluLemon and I don’t want to feel ugly/poor when I do the yoga. In fact, that is the opposite of what I want to feel when I do the yoga.

But! I did a quick Google search and serendipitously found Yo Yoga, which is not far from new work, is $12 a class (cheap for NYC) and has a deck so you can do yoga outside when it’s nice out! Hooray!

2. Apparently, if you send a wedding invitation to the President and First Lady, they will send you a congratulatory letter with their regrets.


OMG YOU GUYS. So, the book that I made a whole bunch of ado about last year was Myra McEntire’s Hourglass which is awesome and great and you should READ IT. And then sequel, Timepiece, is out in June. UNLESS you have a Netgalley account, which I do, and then you can has it NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! I really love technology, Egmont USA for allowing this to be released early, and to Ms. McEntire for allowing this to happen as well. *bissous*

4. New furniture!

Despite the fact that my current roommates aren’t leaving until the end of NEXT month, Guy and I have already bought two sets of shelves, a desk, a couch, a love seat, two side tables, and a coffee table for a grand total of $375. And these things are all in great condition and do not have bedbugs. So double win!! Let’s hope the new roomie search is as easy.

5. Punch Brothers

I got to get my bluegrass on Thursday night.

Punch Brothers real good live. I urge you to SEE THEM if they come to a town near you. Even if you don’t think you like bluegrass-sounding stuff, still go see them. Give them a chance. Because they are so charming and talented and vest-wearing and SO GOOD.

6. Being Disgustingly Cute

Y’all are all about to roll your eyes and vomit in your mouths a little because of how disgustingly adorable this is, but I’m good with that.

So, Boyfriend lives in Singapore right now. But a whole bunch of his friends are getting married this summer/fall, so he’s been getting wedding invites. And Friday morning I woke up to a text that said, “This is a momentous day in our relationship.”

Now, April 27th is not any kind of anniversary or anything like that for us so I was all, “huh?” And then he sends me a picture of a wedding invitation addressed to both of us. And he was all excited that we got “our” first piece of mail.


So yeah. It’s been a good week.

I hope you have all had nice weeks as well and things continue to be loverly for everyone. And if they haven’t been great, then hopefully they will get great.

Happy Sunday!

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