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Reactionary Reading: Hex Hall Books

April 12, 2012

Hello and welcome to another edition of Reactionary Reading!

But first! AN INTRO.

1) If you don’t follow Rachel Hawkins on Twitter, you are missing out on lots of lols goodness.

2) I really want to hang out with her. And Myra McEntire. Who probably is a little bit afraid of me. (I mean no harm. Promise. I just think you’re the cat’s pajamas.)

3) You should read the Hex Hall books.

Back in January, I read Rachel Hawkins’s Hex Hall. In one sitting. Because it is the awesome.

But before I read her books, I, uh, met her. (Very briefly. There’s zero way she remembers me.) I went to Brooklyn Book Festival back in September and ended up seeing a panel she was on. And I REALLY liked her. She was funny and honest and totally awesome and I was all, I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH HER. Mostly because when someone in the crowd (probably ironically) asked, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?” She immediately said in her lovely Southern drawl, “I’m Team Bella-Goes-to-College.”

I’m pretty sure I fist-pumped.

And, of course, I wanted to read everything she has written immediately.

But! At the time, I was swimming in the land of no monies and thus had to buy her books or, you know, eat. If I were a stronger person, I would have bought the books. Alas, I like the noms. But, I made a mental note to rectify the buying of the Hex Hall books ASAP.

That ended up being in January. And I just bought the one book. And I devoured it and was like I WANT MOAR RIGHT NOW. But alas, I made myself wait. Because I’m a glutton for punishment.

So I finally picked up Demonglass and finally got around to reading it. And. Y’all. Cal. And Sophie. And Jenna. And Archer. And Padre Atherton. And the NEW characters. It is SO GOOD.

But I will shut up now and let you read my reading notes, which are spoiler-redacted. If you want to see the text, just highlight the white space. 🙂

p. 4: Oh hey Cal. I have a crush on you.

p. 10: “He looked like the kind of guy who had a lot of shoes trees.” (Sophie’s padre) Hehehehehe. I love Rachel Hawkins’s descriptions. They are le best. And le funneh.

p. 17: CAL.

p. 18: OMG CAL. BETROTHED. *does Georgia Nicholson’s Viking Disco dance*

p. 29: “It’s a private plane, so at least it’s a rich-human thing.” Mmmmm private plane. *puts on list of Things to Acquire*

p. 34: Ooooh ominous.

p. 44: Daisy and Nick. I shall now call them THE DEMONS GATSBY.

p. 55: “Jenna tried not to crack a smile, but no one can resist a vampire pony.” Nope. Absolutely not.

p. 85: Oh. My. God. CAL. WHAT. Gahhhhh.

p. 131: Mmmmm stubble. I do love good stubble.

p. 156: DEMON YOGA!!!!!

p. 171: hahahahaha. Daughter blog.

I love Rachel Hawkins. And Sophie.

I do not trust The Demons Gatsby. Nor do I trust Archer. I DO trust Cal. He better not break my heart.

p. 263: “I kissed you because I had to.” Talk about a punch in the gut. Ugh.

p. 268: “Why had my life suddenly become a Nancy Drew mystery from hell?” AWESOME.

p. 286: I really don’t trust Archer Cross.

OMG. Sophie’s mom is totally a Brannick.

p. 357: OMG I’M RIGHT.


SPELL BOUND (aka, I love my Nook and its magical ability to download books INSTANTLY despite the fact that it’s 11:48 PM on Easter Eve.)

p. 19, “It was tiny and dim, and smelled faintly woodsy, like cedar.” TAKE ME THERE. WANT IT.

p. 54: EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! (Cal + Padre Demon)

p. 64: Oh Jesus Christ.

p. 78: YAY JENNA.

p. 120: “We’ve tried to kill each other, fought ghouls, and kissed a lot. I’m pretty sure we’re married in some cultures.” Hehe.

p. 123: “I took it from him and gave Lady Macbeth a run for her money in the hand-scrubbing department.” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

p. 134: “Boys who can heal all wounds and are super hot, to boot? Don’t exactly come around every day.” Word, Elodie.

p. 142: Sophie has lady-balls of steel.

p. 164; Sophie has serious lady-balls of steel.

p. 167: Oh Good. Sophie is Moses.

p. 169: CAAAAAAAAL. I ❤ you so hard.

p. 192: Wahhhhhhhhh. NO. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH YOU, HAWKINS.

Oh hooray college. I like that. And it totally goes along with the “Team Bella-Goes-to-College” business from BBF. Yay consistency!

Alright! So all in all, I really loved these books. They are fun and snarky and have dashes of romance and kissing and magics and villains and ALL OF THE THINGS. They’re all quick reads, but not because they are mindless. Hawkins’s writing makes you keep turning the page and you WANT to know more, until there is no more to know.

But you will be ok with that. Because there are Rachel Hawkins Game of Thrones recaps to read! And other books coming out soon! And the Twitter! She is great on the Twitter!

So, if you so choose (and you should), go find the Hex Hall series and READ IT.

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