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TGIF: On Series Finales

April 6, 2012

Hello lovelies and welcome to the Good Friday edition of TGIF.

This week the lovely Ginger at GReads has asked:

Book Series Finales: Which book, from any series has been your favorite ending? What about your least favorite ending?

I know this is going to shock you all, but it’s way easier for me to bitch about the series finales I hated with my entire being than the ones I was happy with.

I’ll do my best to be equally positive and negative.

That’s a lie.

But I’ll start with the current fave. (It won’t be shocking.)

Favorite ending

I know I talk about this dang book all the time, but you guys. It is so good. It ends  and you’re all 

Which is nice.

Because most of the series that I’ve read through until the very end end and I just shrug a little and that’s that. Like with Harry Potter. It didn’t end the way I thought it would, and I’m not in love with the ending, but I’m not mad at it.

Unlike some other series.

But we’ll get to them in a bit.

I think another contributing factor is that I’m in the midst of reading a whole bunch of series that haven’t ended yet*. So. You know. That.

Let’s move onto the hate portion, shall we?

Least favorite ending(s)

I know this is probably sacrilege and I’ll probably go home to, like, a flaming bag of poo in front of my door, but you know what? If those kids in that John Hughes movie and handle it so can I. Mockingjay made me furious. I loved the bazoo out of Hunger Games and Catching Fire and was SO EXCITED to read Mockingjay. And than I read it and was like, WTF COLLINS. I felt like it was lazily written (WHY IS KATNISS ASLEEP ALL THE TIME?!) and that there was not a lot happening and it just kind of trudged along. And maybe that was actually brilliant. But me no likey.

Then there is the OTHER final book I hated . . .

So, I don’t talk about Twilight often. This is because it made me a CRAZY PERSON in college. I started reading them at a very vulnerable moment in my life and was addicted in a way that is unhealthy. I was the girl who SOBBED HER EYES OUT whilst reading New Moon. And who got on forums and  chat rooms and debated the finer points of the books with people for HOURS. And insisted that her entire pledge class read the books. (They did.)

And then Breaking Dawn came out. You best believe that I had a copy as soon as they were on shelves. I started it immediately, thinking I was just stay up all night—during my senior year’s University of Arkansas Sorority Recruitment Week, mind you—and finish the book.

But then something happened. I realized I HATED the book with my entire being. It is actually the only book I’ve ever literally thrown across the room.

It laid there for three days.

Eventually I picked it up again and finished it. I actually laughed in a hysterically terrifying way when I closed the back cover because I was so angry about the ending. It’s all build up and tension and you’re feeling it and excited and waiting and then . . . nothing. NOTHING. Like Morales’s song from A Chorus Line.

I was so angry that I spent so much time and energy and enthusiasm on the series. So now when I think about it, I think of all of the time and energy and enthusiasm as a lesson in growing up.

Because I might as well learn a lesson from it.

So that’s that. I could keep listing series finales I was unhappy with, but I have a feeling that baby Jesus would not appreciate that on the day he died. So instead, think happy thoughts. And chaste thoughts. And pious thoughts. For baby Jesus.

*I’ve been on a book buying ban for awhile now and broke it to order Black Heart by Holly Black. I anticipate that I’ll love that one as much as the others. I hope that didn’t just jinx it.

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  1. April 23, 2012 5:32 AM

    I had a similar feeling with Mockingjay – I actually read a review on Goodreads where the reviewer made the speculation that Collins wrote it just out of obligation as she already had the money from the success of the series and was just finishing it because she had to, but the book wasn’t nearly as good as the 1st 2 and a lot of stuff was just like stuff she forgot to mention and went back and put it in just because (ie: the 1 line blurb we get about Gale at the end). I actually wrote about this one not too long on my blog when I finished the series about a month or so ago.

    And OMG Breaking Dawn is one of THE WORST books I have ever read. Like you said – all build up, with nothing! My college roommate insisted I read the trilogy and lent me her books, which I thought the series was cute but nothing great. Wanting to see how the saga ended, I bought Breaking Dawn the weekend it came out since we no longer lived together. Took me 2 weeks to finish the book because it sucked that bad and I had to force myself to get through it because I hate not finishing a book I’ve started.

    Another series ended that disappointed me was Harry Potter. I mean we have 7 books building up to this climatic battle between Harry and Voldemort… and it was literally a paragraph! I remember reading it in the office at the movie theater during downtime and I went back and reread it several times just to make sure I hadn’t missed something because I was all “That’s it?! Really?! A paragraph?!” I loved the series, but just the final showdown between the 2 was so short… kinda disappointing IMO.

    • April 23, 2012 5:50 AM

      That was me btw, not sure why it logged me in with that screenname/blog tho, lol…

  2. April 6, 2012 8:36 AM

    Wow that was quite an emotional reaction to the Twilight book – although I confess I haven’t read them. I really liked The Hunger Games too, and didn’t mind Mockingjay although I get what you’re saying about Katniss – I never really thought about that until now.

    • April 6, 2012 8:50 AM

      My Twilight reactions were . . . unhealthy. It’s probably a good thing I hated Breaking Dawn. 😉

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