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What I’m Writing: Distractions, Author ADD, and Goal-Setting

March 31, 2012

You know those weeks where you have a birthday and then your mom comes to town and you all of a sudden have a bunch of new clothes that you don’t need so you feel like you should go through your closet and give things away so that you can feel better about the acquisition of clothes you don’t really need? And, oh yeah, you basically subsist on coffee and cereal?

That has been my week.

I have done very little writing.

And I have plans this weekend (filming a commercial for the grad program I was in—which should be hilarious—and going to a giant author signing and Game of Thrones is starting up again.)

All of which means that I need to do some serious goal setting for myself when it comes to finishing my current WIP.

ESPECIALLY because while I was in yoga on Thursday night, in a particularly intense downward dog variation (the one where you put your foot up in the air so that you’re doing a standing split and then you bend the leg that’s in the air and stack your hips on top of each other. That sounds crazy, I know. But it’s what I was doing.) in which I was sweating profusely and trying to keep my hands from slipping so that I didn’t fall on my face, I all of a sudden had a FULL ON OUTLINE for a new book pop in my head.

Which just isn’t fair at all.

Because now I’m basically obsessed with this character and her story and I want to tell is SO BADLY. But that would be bad news bears for my darling Willa and Dan, who are so so so close to having their story finished.


Which brings us back to the goal setting. My friend Farrah, who is very fancy because she has a literary agent and also because she is just very fancy, wrote a blog post about goal setting this week, which I thought was very apropos for my life. (Because obviously Farrah wrote it with me in mind. *rolls eyes at own ego*) And basically. I just need to buckle down. Instead of getting home from work and marathoning six episodes of Supernatural while staring at my WIP and writing maybe thirty words, I need to get myself out of my bedroom and away from the temptation that is Sam and Dean Winchester, and take myself down to the local Starbucks that inexplicably does not have Wifi, and write there.

And hope that I don’t get distracted by the people in the coffee shop.

So I think that is my goal for this next week: I will go write at Starbucks three times this week. If I continue with that pattern for the next couple weeks, hopefully I will be DONE DONE DONE with the drafting of Willa and Dan’s story. *thunderclap*

Hopefully next week I will have been much more productive and will have MANY THINGS to report.

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  1. March 31, 2012 12:13 AM

    Sometimes I think we are the same person, haha! If you could only see the cereal bowls and coffee mugs in my room *shm* Goal setting is HARD and sometimes I think writing is harder, but it is so rewarding to finish! I’m so excited about your story. I have attempted to write YA contemporary and someday I hope to write a *really* great one, but IT’S SO HARD. *gives you ALL the props* (also cookies)


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