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And Now I’m 25.

March 26, 2012

Today I turn 25.

And while I’m very excited to start this new year in my life, leaving 24 behind is a little bittersweet. It’s been a tumultuous year, but one that is definitely for the books.

So, to properly bid adieu to 24, I put together a little Year in Review of my favorite moments.

There are many more great memories from this past year, including hanging out with friends Barbara, Dan, Melissa, and Courtney who all came to NYC to visit, or me going to DC/Connecticut/Arkansas to get out of the crazy city I live in for a change of pace. I loved seeing Josh Ritter TWICE in concert and Andrew Bird for FREE in Prospect Park with my sister this past summer, going to the opera with my friend Kelly, and splurging on Broadway shows and then splitting dessert afterward because none of us had enough money after the show to afford our own desserts.

But, some of the really great memories are the little things—crashing on my friend’s couch to wake up and fine that it had snowed overnight, going on a terrible road trip due to my insane lack of direction even WITH a GPS and finding a route that is absolutely gorgeous, buying a tea kettle with my mom and my first piece of furniture by myself. And meeting many, many awesome authors who have given great advice and endless motivation to so many young writers, myself included.

So, here’s to the year I was 24. *raises glass* (You better raise one too. Because it’s my birthday and I am telling you to drink.)

Now I get to look forward to all the things 25 will bring my way!

25th Birthday Dinner with Friends

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