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What’s Making Me Happy {3}

March 18, 2012

 This was the Week of Weird Weather. One day it was 70 and sunny and perfect, the next was 45 and drizzly and gross. And then the day after that was sunny and 59. But you know, I’ll take that instead of snowy and cold and gross.

But outside of the wonky weather, the week was pretty good. Work was mild, I had brunch with friends in the city, I refrained from strangling the drunk undergrads playing the bagpipes on the train into the city, and I should finish Storm of Swords today. Huzzah!

But there are a couple other things that made this week pretty great, too.

1) My car hit 200,000 miles

And did not do die like Marshall’s car in How I Met Your Mother.

2) I Love Lamp

I rearranged furniture a couple weeks ago and set up a nice little book nook for myself in my room. Problem was, I had no lamp over there, and my overhead light SUCKS, so at night it was really hard to read. BUT NO MORE. I now have a cute little blue lamp. 🙂

3) Chocolate Pudding

It really is the best snack ever.

4) Little Lion Man Coat

I was playing around on Pinterest the other day and came across this freaking adorable coat from littlegoodall‘s Etsy shop. Why are little things for little people so dang cute?!

5) Supernatural is Streaming on Netflix 

Now the last thing I need in my life is a new TV obsession (read: novel writing distraction), but everyone I know loves this show and—honestly—I’ve wanted to watch it for awhile. Sadly, Supernatural isn’t the kind of show you can just mindlessly watch whenever you feel like it. You actually need the back stories and such for it to make sense. So, yaaaaay new TV show!

And those are the things that are making me happy this week. If you want to share what’s making you happy this week, feel free to do so in comments.

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