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What’s Making Me Happy This Week

March 4, 2012

One of my favorite podcasts in all of the land—NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour—does a segment at the end of each episode called “What’s Making Me Happy” in which everyone goes around and says the thing(s) that are making them do a happy dance in that particular week. It’s a fun way to celebrate mundane, weird, ridiculous, and silly things that just make the week that much better. But, even if the thing that is making the person happy just isn’t for me, I still love hearing how happy it made them.

So, in an effort to spread the joy and good cheer I’m going to follow in the footsteps of my beloved PCHH hosts and do this too. Feel free to check out what’s making me happy, after the jump.

1. Shopping

I bought this dress from Dorothy Perkins for 30.00. (Yay sales!)

2. Typography
I love love love this poster from Teresa Wozniak. And most of the resolutions on here are eerily close to my own this year.

3. A Really Great Rainy Day
I had a really really nice Wednesday. I have to remain vague on the details for now, but, if everyone could keep their fingers crossed for me for a bit, I’d really appreciate it.

4. French Language Podcasts
I’ve been saying for a couple years now that I want to brush up on my French skills, but haven’t really taken much initiative on this, other than bemoaning my lack of using my minor in French. So the other I had the realization that there are probably French lessons via podcast. AND THERE ARE. I’m currently digging on Learn French by Podcast and Coffee Break French (to go over the basics) and One Thing in a French Day, which is entirely in fluent French. Even though I technically am fluent in French (I minored in college), I understand about every fifth word in this one. But, it’s always good to bolster the listening skills, so that’s what I’m doing with this podcast. BTW, Coffee Break French is taught by Scottish people. I adore it.

So that’s what’s making me happy! Feel free to share all of the things that are making you smile this week, in comments.

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