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Life Update

October 21, 2011

 Hey y’all! (Please pretend I sound just like Tami Taylor when I say that. Thanks.)

So, if you scroll down this here bloggy blog, it’s plain to see that I’ve been a bit, um, negligent with the posting.

I hate this right now. But, there are a couple good reasons as to why. (I promise the reasons aren’t OMG-I-MET-THIS-GUY. If they were, I’d give you all permission to come to New York and kick me and steal all my books.)

Mostly, it’s one reason—I’m trying to figure out what the eff I want to do with my life.*

You see, I work in non-fiction publishing at a really, really small publishing house where I edit children’s non-fiction for the school and library market. I really like my job (Really.), but it’s becoming very clear that I don’t really have much of a future here in the way of advancement. This isn’t because I’m not a good employee or whatever but more because of gross business stuff and the sort of uncertain state of publishing today.

So, I know some of you are like, “Ok, so start applying to other jobs.” And while I agree with you on this, it’s not that easy. My current dilemma is this: do I want to stay in New York?

Ok, now some of you are thinking, “OMG are you completely insane?! OF COURSE you want to stay in New York. It’s mother-effing NEW YORK.” And I hear you. New York is fantastic and I feel so, so lucky to live and work here. But, I don’t want to live here forever. And I don’t even know if I want to stay in the editorial side of publishing. And it’s really expensive to live here and I don’t make a ton of money as it is and there’s NO WAY I could quit my job and write full-time and get a part-time gig to cover the bills without making myself sick with worry and concern over monies.

(This is getting long-winded. I have a point. I’m getting close to it. PROMISE.)

Because, you see, I’m one of those crazy writer types. I have all of these stories and characters in my head and I just want to get them on paper. And then I want people to read them and love them and not criticize them. 😉 So! To that end, I’ve been writing like the crazy-writer lady I am. Like, I’ve been telling my IRL friends that I can’t go out because I need to sit in my house and write.**

Because of this, I’ve been reading less and writing blog posts less since all my energy outside of work is put into my works-in-progress (WIPs) because my lease is up in June, and I’d really like to have some of my WIPs finished, and, you know, a plan in action by March.

But! None of that excuses my blog negligence. I need to do better. So I am charging all of YOU in helping me with this. Take to the Twitters and yell at me. Email me your verbal ninja-kicking. I mean it. And I promise I won’t yell back at you. Well. If do yell or get testy, I’ll apologize at some point. 🙂

 Alright, so that’s my story morning-glories. I miss y’all. I miss my blog. But I also need to figure my shit out. But! All things in moderation, right? RIGHT.

*Meaning, I know I want to write, but I need to figure out what I want to write.
**I seriously have five books and a television pilot outlined. Three of the books and the spec pilot have been started.

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