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TGIF: Sharing the Love, Book-Style

June 3, 2011

Wow, it’s already Friday. It’s already June. How did THAT happen?!

Well for this very sneaky first Friday in June, Ginger over at GReads! has asked:

Do you share your books w/ others? Who was the last person you sent a book to?

I am a big, big fan of sharing books with others. Let’s be honest, books can get a little bit expensive, and if you don’t live near a library with kick ass funding, it can be a little difficult to get your hands on all of the books you want to. So if I know that I have a book that a friend of mine is interested in reading, I’ll send it along to him/her so that someone else can enjoy the book, instead of it sitting all lonesome and unused on my bookshelf. 
I’m also totally in love with the Bookswap feature on Goodreads. I have acquired many a book in the last couple of months through it, and have purged several of my books using it as well. If you’re not familiar with the feature, the name Bookswap is a little misleading–you’re not loaning your books out, you’re giving them away. If a person is interested in the book(s) you list, they say so, they pay the shipping, you receive the shipping label, ship it, and voila! They have a new book, and you have a new spot on your shelf for something new as well! 
So second part of the question! The last book I loaned to someone was Divergent, which I left with my mom in Arkansas. And literally two days before that I let a co-worker borrow the Clockwork Prince teaser thing I snagged at BEA. 🙂
So! Since you all know about my love of sharing, feel free to check out my “books I own” shelf over at Goodreads and let me know if there’s something you want to borrow! [Just FYI: I’m less inclined to loan out signed copies of books. But if you convince me that you are super trustworthy, I’m willing to do it.] Maybe you’ll have something I’d like *cough The Name of the Star or The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer* and we could do a little swap-aroo. 
That’s it from me this week! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your short week and that you have a fantastic weekend! 
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  1. June 3, 2011 5:26 PM

    I feel exactly the same way! Once I have read an awesome book and I think that another person will love it too, I instantly loan it out. It is almsot like I have my own library business going on in my bedroom!-Katelyn

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