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May 21, 2011

OMG you guys. BEA is upon us. OMG OMG OMG.

I really don’t know how the end of May got here so quickly, but it’s here anyway. And I am EXCITED.

I’m mostly excited that so many super awesome bookish people are converging on the bright, shiny city I call home (I know, I’m spoiled) to talk about books.

Sadly, I work in publishing and therefore I’m only going to be at ONE DAY of BEA. I will be there on WEDNESDAY*, but will mostly be in and out of trade meetings instead of hanging out with bloggers and chillin’ with authors. :/ But! Maybe we can still meet up at some point! Even in passing!! I’ll give you a hug or something.

HOWEVER. I do LIVE here, so if you are in NYC this week and want to meet up for dinner/drinks/chit-chat of any sort, please, please hit me up on Twitter (@bethanyelarson) or leave a comment!

*I will be making a beeline for the Penguin table to snag a copy of The Name of the Star. However, if they are not there on Wednesday, I will give lots of shiny things to the person who gets a copy for me. LOTS OF SHINY THINGS.

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