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In My Neighborhood: Seaburn Books

July 28, 2010

Last weekend, my amazing Barbara friend who lives in DC and her equally amazing boyfriend Daniel came to visit me. On our way to brunch one morning, Barbara looks up and asks me “Is that a used bookstore?” I respond, “Sure?”

The bookstore in question is LITERALLY two blocks from my apartment. I’ve probably passed once a day. And I’ve never, ever paid attention to it. Lucky for me, Barbara did.

The place is called Seaburn Books and is one of those stores that is surprisingly large and floor-to-ceiling books, all placed haphazardly. There are so many books that you go cross-eyed trying to look at all of them. And don’t even try reading the labels–you’ll lose your vision.

It seems as if at one point there was a system where the books were placed by topic–fiction, sci fi, poetry, travel, children, etc. And while those labels are still in place, the books are not. It’s the kind of place you have to spend hours in to get a feel for what may or may not be there. Which is awesome.

Another awesome thing: they have the entire collection of Baby Sitters Club books. All of them. For $2 each.

This fact alone has made this place my new favorite store to visit in all of NYC. And you better believe that I’ve started re-collecting the BSC books….

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