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Crush of the Day: Sweet Tea in NYC

July 12, 2010

NYC is one of the last places I expected to find good sweet tea. 

This attitude is mostly based on the fact that in Syracuse getting sweet tea was impossible, with the exception of at the New York State Fair. However, and luckily, in NYC it’s a bit different. Not only can I find legit sweet tea, thanks in part to the boom of Southern food that’s happening in the NYC restaurant scene, but I can find it for cheap. 

My two go-to places for the refreshing signature Southern beverage are Duane Reade, where I can buy a tall boy can of Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea for .99 cents and McDonald’s where I can buy a gigantic cup of it for $1.00. 

Oh NYC. If you could acquire a Sonic, a Chick-fil-A, and Dairy Queen, you’d be perfect. 

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