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Film Review: Waiting for Forever

April 12, 2010

Although it’s billed as a romantic comedy, Waiting for Forever isn’t really romantic or comedic. Instead the film, written by Steve Adams and directed by James Keach, explores the dualities of relationships in a way that makes the characters seem emotionally unstable and juvenile instead of layered.

The story follows Will Donnor (Tom Sturridge), a twenty-something guy who exclusively wears pajamas, juggles for a living, and has no motivation to do anything except follow struggling actress Emma Twist (Rachel Bilson), a childhood friend, from city to city because he believes that they are destined to be together.

The problem is, Will doesn’t believe he is stalking Emma. He actually hasn’t spoken to her since they were kids, and as he explains, he only wants to be near where she is and to wake up each day with the hope that he might run into her. It’s a creepily sweet sentiment, until you remember that Will has kept close enough tabs on Emma to know when and where she moves, and when the film begins, that she is making a trip back home to visit her dying father (Richard Jenkins) and emotionally distraught mother (Blythe Danner).

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