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When Did Solange Become So Cool?

February 17, 2010
When the name “Solange” comes up, I admit that I know very little. But here’s what I do know:
  • She’s Beyonce’s little sister
  • She got married at 17, has a kid, and has since divorced her husband.
  • She took Beyonce and Jay-Z to the Grizzly Bear show at McCarren Park last year

And then this morning my Google Reader informed me that Solange performed with the Dirty Projectors at a Fashion Week after-party. Awesome right?

So, taking into consideration that Solange likes Grizzly Bear enough to talk both big sis Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay-Z into seeing them AND that she performs with the Dirty Projectors, I decided to Google her because I obviously needed to know more about her.

This is when I discovered that she is recording with Of Montreal on their next album and that she performed a cover of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” with them back in January.

All of these things combined makes it clear that Solange is pretty much awesome. But my question is, did anyone else know that she was this cool? Or is this a new thing that accompanies her new lack of hair?

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