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Knitting Silly

February 15, 2010
Lately I’ve become interested in knitting. Not interested in the way that I want to knit, but more in the way that I’m paying attention to people who knit and the things they are knitting. Some of the people who I’ve stumbled upon are pretty talented, innovative, creative, and I like to think that if we met beyond the realm of the interwebs, they’d be fun to hang out with. So, I’ve decided to share some of these sometimes random, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes pretty knit things with you all. Enjoy!


Outside of the name of this endeavor being hilariously easy to mispronounce, (Crochetdermy…it’s easy to think Crotchetdermy….), knitting extraordinaire Shauna Richardson creates animals that resemble taxidermy but are much less creepy, seeing as they were never living in the first place.

Video Game Sweaters

As I told you in my last post, I am not a gamer. But even I think these are awesomely heinous. 

Etsy Scarf

Preeeetty scarfy. And you can own one because it’s listed on Etsy!

Coffee Cozy

How adorable is this coffee cozy? Not only does it have fun little buttons, it also keeps you from burning your hands on your very hot coffee. 

Biology Class?

Okay, I have no idea why anyone would actually want to own this, but it is pretty funny. And, like the crochetdermy, a lot less creepy than an actual dead animal. Er, amphibian. 

Gnome Beard

This is probably my favorite knitting find. Oh how I love gnomes. 

Dog Hat

Why, oh why, oh why does this sad excuse for a dog need a hat? I’m going to be very relieved when this dress your pet craze disappears. (However, pupsters are my exception to this rule.)

Baby Hat

Why is this baby wearing a head dress? More importantly, who would actually buy this thing for their child?
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