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Conan/Leno Brouhaha Overshadows NBC’s New Shows

January 27, 2010
In the wake of the Conan vs. Leno battle royale, perhaps you missed NBC’s announcement of eight pilots already given the go-ahead for the 2010-11 season. The new shows are mostly procedural dramas, but there’s also a sci-fi/detective show, a romantic comedy, and an Adam Corolla project. It seems that the Peacock’s remedy for lackluster ratings is to pump out derivative (read: pre-tested) material and spend lots of money on big-named executive producers. There are some potentially-promising projects in the mix (we’re looking at you J.J. Abrams), and some that just don’t make sense — no disrespect, but does the world really need a fictional version of Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Read the full article at Flavorwire.

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