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There’s Nothing Bad About Lady Gaga’s "Bad Romance"

November 11, 2009

Let it be known that I love Lady Gaga.
I dig her bizarre lyrics, campy performances, the zipper-eye, and the blood-covered “Paparazzi” performance. 
So naturally, I love the video for her new single, “Bad Romance.” 
The song, featured on The Fame Monster, the re-issue of Gaga’s debut album, is a mix of powerful vocals, driving club beats, French, English, and some jibberish. Although I’ve been listening the single non-stop since its release, the video is what makes this song fierce. 
Released today, the video for “Bad Romance” is an haute couture take on human trafficking. We see Gaga forcibly removed from a bathtub, stripped, and taken to be judged in front of a panel of men who bid on her. Although she struggles, she is eventually made into what the men want her to be–a garish, airbrushed version of herself, who takes revenge on the man who won her. 
Despite the video’s serious theme, Gaga never loses her provocative sense of humor, inserting subtle masturbatory gestures among the dance moves and quick narrative cuts, and using monster-esque choreography that features both Gaga and her dancers contorting to the music. And, of course, there’s the fashion, which (outside of the white unitards) consists of conceptual art garments that are breathtakingly fantastic. 
It is with this video that Gaga proves she is more than a Lady–she is quickly becoming Queen. 

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