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The New York State Fair

September 7, 2009

In my estimation, all state fairs are the same. There is fried food to be consumed, animals to be judged, carnie rides to be ridden, an influx of bad fashion, and washed-up bands to listen to.

Since moving to New York, I have been told time and again, that the New York State Fair is different. It’s bigger, it’s better, and overall it’s the greatest fair ever. So, I went to see for myself.
Indeed, the New York State Fair is larger than any fair I have ever attended. But, from the way people talk this sucker up, I was expecting a fair of a higher caliber than I could ever fathom. Luckily, it was about standard– there was fried food, animals, and bad fashion. But those are the things that make a state fair great.
I mean, where else can you go to eat fried Oreo’s, listen to Boys II Men, and see the both World’s Tallest and Smallest Woman? Only at State Fairs! Had the New York State Fair been anything more highbrow than that, I would have been disappointed.
Some of my favorite things were the 25 cent chocolate milk, the fried pickles, the butter sculpture, and the woman wearing a confederate flag t-shirt (IN NEW YORK! Sadly, there is no picture).
And now, the photo montage.
Not joking.

These chickens were dyed. Tacky to the max.
The oh- so delicious and seriously cheap chocolate milk.

This is carved out of butter. BUTTER.
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  1. September 7, 2009 11:52 PM

    Def wish there was a pic of the rebel flag shirt…love the butter car!

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