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My Petition for Kings

July 26, 2009

Dear NBC,

I’m a fan. Truly, I am.
But, I need to have some words with you. I am a HUGE fan of your recently cancelled series Kings. It’s intelligent, poetic, well-acted, well-directed, and (yes, I understand) very expensive to produce. But, despite the expense and the not-so-stellar ratings, I would like to petition for this show to be uncanceled. And I think you should listen to me.
This show is lovely. It’s one of the most compelling series I have ever seen. It’s thought provoking, literary, religious, and chilling.You can hardly ever go wrong with Ian McShane, who is perfect as King Silas Benjamin. Eammon Walker is uplifting, prophetic, and brilliant as Reverend Samuels/the voice of God. I would watch a show with just those two characters! But, we can’t forget Chris Egan, who makes you believe that he TRULY is that brave, honest, loyal, and loving. Or the rest of the cast for that matter, whose subtlety makes the show worth watching.
The series (only advertised as season….are there plans NBC?) finale was the perfect set-up for an impressive second season that would no doubt receive better ratings if marketed properly. Hopefully DVD sales in September will prove to you the promise and vitality of this show.
I am a fan of some other series I believe should be resurrected (or at least made into a film to give some closure) but I would abandon my need for those renewals/films if Kings were to be renewed. I understand that this is of absolutely no consequence to you or your decisions. However, I feel that I have to at least speak (read: type) my mind.
It would behoove you to cancel everything except Heroes, 30 Rock, SNL, and The Office and to renew Kings. Make the right decision. Bring back Kings for a second season!
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