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Pet Cemetery?

March 13, 2009

Dear fellow drivers, 

Be on the look-out for a billboard on New Mexico’s I-25 toward downtown. 
While in Albuquerque for a conference I was attending, I took the liberty of driving around so as to see more of Albuquerque than just the conference center. While driving, I happened upon a very appalling billboard. Now, I typically try to block billboards out because I’m not the greatest driver in the world and getting distracted by a billboard is quite detrimental for me and those around me. However, this one caught my attention because of the adorable Dalmatian puppy in the center of the billboard. Then, I read the text: “Are you prepared for your pet’s death?”
I was shocked! Being a animal lover, the thought of my pet dying is both unpalatable and depressing. I couldn’t believe that someone would make such a billboard! Then, I had a thought: “What would I do if Zeke (my dog) died?” My boyfriend’s answer to this question would be to stuff him in a burlap sack and bury him in the yard, but I’m a bit more sentimental….although the outcome would probably be similar. I would be very sad and I honestly wouldn’t be prepared. Would I leave him where he lay? Who would I call? What’s the proper pet disposal procedure? Is there a proper procedure? I became quite distressed with the thought of it all, and then I realized something.
This billboard made me think about a subject that had never truly crossed my mind before, and I spent a good five minutes contemplating the unsavory topic of pet burial procedures. Then, I had another thought: this billboard works! If I remember correctly, the company was advertising pet cremation services, which seems a little extreme to me because imagining my beloved Zeke being incinerated is not a pleasant thought, but that is exactly the point. This billboard caught my attention, made me think about a topic I don’t find particularly pleasant, and kept me thinking it for weeks after my trip. 
Never have I been so affected by a simple picture with some text around it.
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